Cruisin’ for a Bluesin’ 2014 ~ We got Ship-Faced!


“I’m shore that other events might clam to be great, but Cruisin for a Bluesin is one of the best dance events of the year and knot to be missed! It would take an act of cod to stop me from attending.”
~ Aaron Brown, Los Angeles, CA 2014

A relaxed and social time with so many of my favorite people on a floating hotel that stops where I can get the worlds best tacos and tequila? Yes please. I can dance countless hours to great music as well? I could ask for nothing more.
~ Damon Stone, St. Paul, MN 2013

This was am amazing time. Great dances, good people, music, games, etc., etc. Easily one of the best vacations I’ve ever had.
Christopher Gauntt 2013, Los Angeles, CA

A great blend of great live and recorded blues music, and fun opportunities to interact with the dancers on and off the dance floor: in the dining hall, singing karaoke, and daning on the Lido deck!
Carl Flores 2013, San Diego

The perfect break from winter, cruising and dancing on a boat is the ideal spring vacation!
-Liz Gonzalez 2012, Chicago, IL

This was my first cruise and therefore my first time attending this event and it was everything I expected and more. Being on a cruise is awesome but dancing on a boat with all your friends makes everything unbelieveably fantastic! I’ll definitely be going again!
-Cat Cooper 2012, SLO CA

The Blues Cruise isn’t a one-time vacation, it’s a yearly vacation that that my whole family enjoys and we can’t wait to get to the next one (we’ve all been three times)!!

Shane Karns and the Pants Family 2011 (Los Angeles, CA)

The reputation keeps growing and the party keeps getting bigger and bigger.
More and more fantastic dancers are attending.
A warm bed every night, a hot shower, a pool, a casino, all you can eat food, dancing, games, cuddling….
It beats every other dance exchange hands down.
~FireMark 2011 (San Diego, CA)

The cruise was off the hook from the moment we walked into the line. We were surrounded by other dancers immediately and the dance party began. We danced down the gangway and down the halls and wherever we could find a good beat. The band was one of the best I have ever heard and I loved that they performed every night.
The other dancers were so friendly and it was like being on a cruise with 80 of your best friends.
I’d go again in a heartbeat!!!
~ Brittany Tomasko 2010 (Mill Valley, CA)

I’ve not had this much fun on a boat before. Dancers really do make everything better :)
~ Katie Belsky (Los Angeles, CA)

It was so nice to be able to keep my own schedule…I could sleep when I wanted to, lounge and spend time with new friends, and eat any time I was hungry (and the food WAS delicious)! I also enjoyed blues and lindy bombing different parts of the ship! With all of the live music and DJ’ed areas, if you’re not dancing, it’s your own fault! :-)
~Erikka Tande (Arizona)

I had so much fun! Not only did I get great dances, but it was amazing to be able to live with everyone on the cruise and actually get to know them other than on the dance floor.
~Heather Merrell (Chicago)

I have been to dozens of exchanges, slept on hard floors, cold showers, cramped in a carpool, have had all the good and bad experiences.  But a cruise ship for an exchange venue is so unbelievably awesome! Everyone is on the ship, no driving, food and drink available everywhere, dancing under the stars every night with cool ocean breezes, plus throw in a Casino and ports of call, a warm bed,  shower, pool and jacuzzi!  The price is about the same when its all said and done. I will always go on a cruise dance exchange from now on!   It is the best!
~FireMark  (San Diego)

Only a weekend THIS amazing made the 3 days of vertigo worth it.  I don’t want that to dissuade anyone from going, but that’s honestly how I feel…I was semi-sea sick for the whole weekend but I left still feeling that it was totally worth it.
~Alli Cohen (Los Angeles)

A dance cruise is much like a highly condensed Exchange – the main difference is you have more of a say in who you get to sleep next to, the food is free and always available, and you don’t have to worry about waking up on a different schedule than your hosts. Have you ever accidentally woken up hours before anyone else in the house and could only sit there waiting? Yeah, it’s awkward. :P
~Jesse Phillips (Seattle)

If there is a better dance weekend anywhere, it would probably have to break the laws of time and space. C4aB already stretches a few of those in the name of awesomeness.

What a blast.  I think I upped my fabulous-dance quotient by %100.  These were the calibur of dances I’ve been missing in my local scene.   I am re-inspired to travel and meet new folks with like minds.  All thanks to one boat headed to Ensenada.
~Emily Zisman (San Francisco)

I thought that the (harmonica) workshop was incredible.  Gary was funny, charming and able to get all those who partook of the lesson to play through a handful of songs.  I am inspired to try the harmonica even if I’ll never play for anyone but myself.

I loved that there were people for me to dance with on a CRUISE SHIP.  I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise, but the fact that there wouldn’t be anybody to dance with was definitely a detractor.  Problem: SOLVED.
~Lowry Lindsay (Denver)

So many amazing dancers in our own little world for 3 days with every single person on vacation mode including the people who barely left home – you don’t get that at any other event.  It really is special, there is a definite difference even to us out of towners when not even the hosts have any housework or work-work or anything menial to take care of at home during the event.
~Carolyn Berger (Michigan)